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“The Cloud model, enough said.” – Madeline Fass, Market Editor Shop now and get $300 off Tempurpedic’s LuxeAdapt and Breeze models, and $200 off Adapt and ProAdapt model until September 21. “Like many new grads moving to the Welcome to Allentown shirt Additionally,I will love this Big City, I bought a Casper mattress. Four years later, I’m still using my Original Casper, and still have pretty good nights sleeping on it. It’s on the firm side, and at $600 was a good deal that made my back and bank account happy. For lounging, sleeping, and (occasionally, regrettably) working, it’s a good buy.” – Sarah Spellings, Fashion News Editor Shop now and get 15% off all Casper mattresses with the code ‘COMFORT15’ until September 9.

Welcome to Allentown shirt

“After reading reviews of a number of Casper-like mattresses—with an ever-ballooning price point—I landed on the Welcome to Allentown shirt Additionally,I will love this Yogabed. I was appealed by its claim that it disperses body weight evenly and reduces pressure point pain, which makes it ideal for Yogis (hence the name) and athletes. While I am decidedly neither athlete nor Yogi, the Yogabed is the epitome of the soft-but-supportive mattress. It also stays cool to the touch—which is an elusive (and invaluable!) quality in memory foam mattress land.” – Jessie Heyman, Executive Editor Shop now and take 15% off YogaBed site wide and up to $164 off a YogaBed mattress using the code ‘SAVE15’.

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