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Luckily, I have an amazing management that has created the Superstar Spectacle Shirt but in fact I love this drive-in drag show called Drag N’ Drive, which has satisfied my love for performing since being in quarantine for months. I’m also very fortunate to be making content and revenue on TikTok while still being creative. I guess I have the best of both worlds. My drag style is my own interpretation of what I would look and act like if I was born a girl. Ever since I was younger, I always had a love for makeup, hair, designing, and photography. Therefore, drag basically is the perfect career. I get to be my own Barbie doll and live the full fantasy. I have my beloved designers in Chicago and L.A. who I send my design to and they make it come to life! It takes me roughly 3 hours to be Plastique. It looks very simple, but there’s many, many steps involved. I’m also a perfectionist and lovvvveeeeee to take my time to perfect my craft.

Superstar Spectacle Shirt

My closet is actually where my studio is set up, so I can film TikToks! I think many queens are getting into TikTok! I love TikTok because of the Superstar Spectacle Shirt but in fact I love this many diverse people getting recognition [for] their creativity. And I can see the community getting bigger as the years go on. I’m very lucky to have amazing friends who are photographers who are willing to help out when it comes to brand deals and bigger projects, but most of the time, I’m the one who’s setting up the lights, moving the camera, and recording everything myself. Most of my videos are planned a few days prior, so when I am in drag I can film a bunch at a time. The thing about TikTok is that you really can’t predict the next trend. It can literally be the most random thing. But whatever it is, I will make sure to put my own twist to it and be creatively myself. My favorite TikTok is the wipe down challenge that I filmed and edited myself. It was a long day of filming, and I decided to film it last, and it took the longest since I had to get out of drag after and film the boy part. It currently has around 75 million views and I’m super proud of it.

Superstar Spectacle Shirt hoodie

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